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Coming—a German Populist?

Reuters wrote on May 31:

“How many countries will Germany need to bail out before it has erased the guilt of the Holocaust? That is the provocative question posed by Thilo Sarrazin [a former regional politician and Bundesbank governor]… In a much-quoted passage, he says supporters of eurobonds are driven ‘by that very German reflex according to which atonement for the holocaust and the world wars will never be complete until we have delivered our entire public interest, and even our money, into European hands.’ This title has raced to the top of best-seller lists and sent jittery markets into panic…

“An opinion poll last week provides just the latest proof that Sarrazin has his finger on the national pulse: Over half of Germans think their country has suffered by joining the euro, while 79 percent reject eurobonds as a solution to the crisis… the German political establishment is falling over itself to bury his arguments… many topics are declared outside the realm of political competition. As a result, all mainstream parties are in favor of Europe, the euro and the Atlantic alliance, and against war, inflation and nationalism. The result is a restricted political sphere where politicians have often been able to act against public opinion without fear of challenge… But those who dare cross the threshold of political correctness – as Sarrazin has repeatedly done – tap into a vast reservoir of pent-up popular frustration. And because the establishment cartel turns them into outcasts rather than arguing with their views, this reservoir continues to grow…

“It is unlikely that the anti-charismatic Sarrazin will end up becoming the German equivalent of Holland’s Geert Wilders or Austria’s Joerg Haider. But the refusal of mainstream politicians to make the case for European integration or to engage in full-throated political competition with their opponents could pave the way for someone equally undesirable to claim that mantle. It would be a tragic paradox if the German establishment’s guilt over past extremism hampers its ability to overcome the populists of the future.”

Even though the euro will not collapse (compare also the next article) and Germany will not forsake the euro or leave the Eurozone, the warning in the article is well expressed. Partially due to the manipulative conduct of Germany’s “mainstream” politicians not to address or deal with politically incorrect or inexpedient issues (inexpedient for their political career in their respective parties, that is), and their consensual habit to tell the German people what they must and must not think, an extreme “populist” WILL arise in Germany. But most don’t realize that that strong charismatic politician will be pro-Europe—not against it—but he will see to it that all power and authority over Europe will ultimately end up in his hands.

The Euro Will Not Fail

The EUObserver reported on June 4:

“Top EU officials Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso have told Russia that the euro is a safe bet.  The two men spoke alongside Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a press briefing after the 29th regular EU-Russia summit, held on Monday (4 June) in St Petersburg.

“Van Rompuy promised to publish a blueprint for deeper EU economic integration ‘by the end of this year’ and predicted that eurozone GDP will grow between 1 and 3 percent in 2013. ‘There is no way back for the euro, there is only the way ahead of more integration … As for what happens if we fail, I will not answer hypothetical questions. We will not fail. We will not fail,’ he said.”

And Van Rompuy is right—the euro will NOT fail. Note also the next article.

Estonia Is Booming Because of the Euro

On June 5, 2012, CNBC reported the following:

“Sixteen months after it joined the struggling currency bloc, Estonia is booming. The economy grew 7.6 percent last year, five times the euro-zone average. Estonia is the only euro-zone country with a budget surplus. National debt is just 6 percent of GDP, compared to 81 percent in virtuous Germany, or 165 percent in Greece… Estonia’s achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider that it was one of the countries hardest hit by the global financial crisis. In 2008-2009, its economy shrank by 18 percent. That’s a bigger contraction than Greece has suffered over the past five years.

“How did they bounce back? ‘I can answer in one word: austerity. Austerity, austerity, austerity,’ says Peeter Koppel, investment strategist at the SEB Bank… At a recent conference of European and North American lawmakers in Tallinn, Koppel was lambasted by French and Italian parliamentarians when he suggested Europeans had to prepare for an ‘inevitable’ decline in living standards, wages and job security, in order for their countries to escape from the debt crisis…

“Estonians have endured some of the harshest austerity measures with barely a murmur. They even re-elected the politicians that imposed them… memories of the grim days of Soviet occupation make it easier to accept sacrifices today. Among the young, there is a widespread awareness that in a nation of just 1.3 million people, the freedom and opportunities their generation enjoy depends on unity in times of crisis…”

So, it’s obvious that the institution of the euro is not the cause for financial problems—it is the way in which governments spend the money and go into heavy debt.

Germany Pushing for European Fiscal Union

Reuters reported on June 3:

“When Jean-Claude Trichet called last June [in Aachen, Germany, where Charlemagne was crowned as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire] for the creation of a European finance ministry with power over national budgets, the idea seemed fanciful, a distant dream that would take years or even decades to realize, if it ever came to be. One year later, with the euro zone’s debt crisis threatening to tear the bloc apart, Germany is pushing its partners for precisely the kind of giant leap forward in fiscal integration that the now-departed European Central Bank president had in mind.

“After falling short with her ‘fiscal compact’ on budget discipline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pressing for much more ambitious measures, including a central authority to manage euro area finances, and major new powers for the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice…

“Until states agree to these steps and the unprecedented loss of sovereignty they involve, the officials say Berlin will refuse to consider other initiatives like joint euro zone bonds or a ‘banking union’ with cross-border deposit guarantees – steps Berlin says could only come in a second wave. The goal is for EU leaders to agree to develop a road map to ‘fiscal union’ at a June 28-29 EU summit… European countries would then put the meat on the bones of the plan in the second half of 2012… including a timetable for overhauling EU treaties, a step Berlin sees as vital for setting closer integration in stone… If European countries go ahead, the steps would represent the most significant policy leap since they agreed to give up their national currencies and cede control over monetary policy 13 years ago.

“But the hurdles are daunting… Spain, whose banking troubles have made it the latest target of financial markets, signalled over the weekend that it was on board with a key element of the plan… But other states, including the bloc’s second-biggest member France, have deep reservations about ceding so much sovereignty… But even if the Germans do win over the French and other sceptical countries like Finland and Austria, there are serious doubts about whether a 5-10 year plan for closer integration – weighed down by lengthy national debates over treaty change – will be enough to restore investor confidence now… As long as the Greek nightmare continues and doubts about Spain’s banks persist, no amount of closer integration is likely to calm investor nerves…

“Another problem with the German-led drive is that of democratic legitimacy. Many of Europe’s struggling citizens already blame technocrats in Brussels for their troubles. And lawmakers across the bloc are keen to safeguard their right to veto EU decisions. Against that backdrop it will be extremely difficult for leaders to convince their electorates about the integration steps under consideration in Berlin and other capitals. To address this, officials are mulling a significant strengthening of the role of the European Parliament (EP), which is directly elected by the bloc’s citizens… ‘The issue is that democratic control will now take place at a European level, and not at a national one,’ [a French] official said. ‘I think the problem is not so much the European people but the European politicians who don’t want to relinquish their power. There you will see a lot of resistance.’”

Still, fiscal and even military union will come—at least for core European nations, and perhaps after a prolonged crisis in Europe which may seem to allow for no other option. And then, out of that fiscal and military union will emerge, through flattery, a charismatic leader who was not originally chosen for that office. It is even possible that this leader had once an influential position, but that he received a  “deadly wound” or suffered political defeat, which would be cured or healed in time. Once in power, his mind will change. The Bible indicates that that leader might be a homosexual, and it calls this leader the beast, the king of the North, and King Jareb of Assyria. Note the following articles.

The Daily Mail added on June 5:

“European leaders are edging closer to a federal union in response to the financial crisis engulfing the Continent. In crisis talks yesterday, Britain and the US joined forces to urge Germany to create a central Brussels body that could assume sovereignty over individual countries’ budgets and fiscal policies.

“There is growing frustration in London and Washington at Germany’s reluctance to take steps towards a single economic government… fears were aired yesterday in a conference call between finance ministers from the G7 group of leading nations… They fear a core eurozone, led by Germany, would be in a powerful position to push whatever policies it wanted affecting the rest of the 27-member EU… German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed this week that measures to create a closer union for countries in the euro were being considered…”

So, this article states that other countries are pushing Germany to create a central Brussels fiscal body. The article from Reuters, quoted above, says the exact opposite—that it is Germany pushing the others. So whoever pushes and is being pushed—it is clear all want to create such a fiscal union. Deutsche Welle wrote on June 6, 2012:

“Faced with impending economic disaster, European leaders are thinking up new ways to save the single currency. ‘A secret plan to save Europe’: That’s how the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag described it this weekend… European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi were all working behind the scenes on a master plan… Last week, Barroso indicated that EU leaders were ready to discuss a closer economic union amidst mounting concerns about Spain… Barroso did not specify exactly what he meant by a ‘full economic union.’…”

But it won’t stay with just a fiscal or full economic union, as the next articles show.

“United States of Europe May Be the Only Way to Save Euro”

The Guardian wrote on June 4:

“It is a measure of the speed at which the politics of the euro crisis is changing… By announcing there could be no censorship of the eurozone to-do list, [Merkel] meant tabling radical, federalist steps involving gradual loss of national sovereignty over budgetary, fiscal, social, pensions, and labour market policies with the aim of forging a new European political union over five to 10 years.

“The USE – United States of Europe – is back. For the eurozone, at least. Such ‘political union’, surrendering fundamental powers to Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, has always been several steps too far for the French to consider. But Berlin is signalling that if it is to carry the can for what it sees as the failures of others there will need to be incremental but major integrationist moves towards a banking, fiscal, and ultimately political union in the eurozone.

“It is a divisive and contested notion which Merkel did not always favour. In the heat of the crisis, however, she now appears to see no alternative… The impact of ‘the project’ will be immense, if it takes off… A much more entrenched two-speed Europe would emerge, with key decision-taking centred in the eurozone and not in an EU of 27 or 28.

“The gap between Britain and core Europe might become unbridgeable, generating only mutual rancour and ultimately ending the UK’s unhappy EU dalliance… In the third year of muddling through, the choices facing Europe’s leaders are getting starker – the death of the euro or the birth of a new European federation.”

The answer is clear from the Bible: There WILL BE a political union of core European countries—but apparently without Britain.

Political Union and Two-Speed Europe

Deutsche Welle reported on June 7, 2012:

“The German chancellor… [Angela] Merkel sees the future of the EU in a closer political union that gives Brussels more authority. ‘We don’t only need a currency union, we also need a so-called fiscal union…’ she said in an interview with German broadcaster ARD aired on Thursday. ‘And we also need first and foremost a political union, meaning we must cede responsibilities to Europe step by step,’ she added.

“Merkel acknowledged that the EU now has ‘different speeds’ referring to the countries in the eurozone and those that have their own national currencies. She said the differences would become more pronounced over time, because the euro countries would inevitably draw closer together. ‘We can’t stand still because [others] don’t yet want to come along,’ she said.”

The EUObserver added on June 7:

“… the Chancellor [made] the clearest case yet for a two-speed Europe in matters of economic integration. While these statements and similar comments she has made in the past are raising expectations about what the 28 June summit in Brussels can achieve, the German leader cautioned against thinking that it would lead to a big bang solution for the European Union. But even despite Merkel’s traditional down-playing of expectations ahead of an EU meeting – the summit is increasingly taking on a high-stakes feel…”

The Local stated on June 7:

“Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that she would work towards a European political union even if that meant a two-speed approach.”

“Israel’s Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany”

Der Spiegel Online wrote on June 4:

“Many have wondered for years about the exact capabilities of the submarines Germany exports to Israel. Now, experts in Germany and Israel have confirmed that nuclear-tipped missiles have been deployed on the vessels. And the German government has long known about it…

“Deep in their interiors, on decks 2 and 3, the submarines contain a secret that even in Israel is only known to a few insiders: nuclear warheads, small enough to be mounted on a cruise missile, but explosive enough to execute a nuclear strike that would cause devastating results. This secret is considered one of the best kept in modern military history. Anyone who speaks openly about it in Israel runs the risk of being sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

“Research SPIEGEL has conducted in Germany, Israel and the United States, among current and past government ministers, military officials, defense engineers and intelligence agents, no longer leaves any room for doubt: With the help of German maritime technology, Israel has managed to create for itself a floating nuclear weapon arsenal: submarines equipped with nuclear capability…

“In Germany, the government’s military assistance for Israel’s submarine program has been controversial for about 25 years, a topic of discussion for the media and the parliament. Chancellor Angela Merkel fears the kind of public debate that German Nobel literature laureate Günter Grass recently reignited with a poem critical of Israel. Merkel insists on secrecy and doesn’t want… the details of the deal to be made public. To this day, the German government is sticking to its position that it does not know anything about an Israeli nuclear weapons program…

“For Israel, a country about the size of the German state of Hesse, which could be wiped out with a nuclear strike, safeguarding this threat potential is vital to its very existence. At the same time, the nuclear arsenal causes countries like Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia to regard Israel’s nuclear capacity with fear and envy and consider building their own nuclear weapons…

“Helmut Schmidt went even further, long before Grass. ‘Hardly anyone dares to criticize Israel here, out of fear of being accused of anti-Semitism,’ the former chancellor told Jewish American historian Fritz Stern. Yet Israel is a country, Schmidt suggests, that ‘makes a peaceful solution practically impossible, through its policies of settlement in the West Bank and, for far longer, in the Gaza Strip.’ He also condemns the current chancellor for, in his view, allowing herself to be essentially taken hostage by Israel.

“Schmidt says, ‘I wonder whether it was a feeling of closeness with American policies, or nebulous moral motives, that led Chancellor Merkel to publicly state in 2008 that Germany bears responsibility for the security of the State of Israel. From my point of view, this is a serious exaggeration, one that sounds very nearly like the type of obligation that exists within an alliance… Germany has a particular responsibility to make sure that a crime such as the Holocaust never again occurs. Germany does not have a responsibility for Israel’…

“For Chancellor Merkel, on the other hand, there was never any doubt that she would do what Israel asked, even at the cost of violating Germany’s own arms export guidelines. The rules, amended in 2000 by the SPD-Green coalition government, do allow weapons to be supplied to countries that are not part of the EU or NATO in the case of ‘special foreign or security policy interests.’ But there is a clear regulation for crisis regions: The rules state that supplying weapons ‘is not authorized in countries that are involved in armed conflicts or where there is a threat of one.’ There is no question that that rule would include Israel. But that did not stop the chancellor from making a deal for the delivery of submarine number 6 — just as she was not deterred by Netanyahu’s unwillingness to make compromises…

“Still, disappointment within the Chancellery is running high, as Netanyahu has simply ignored Merkel’s requests. Israel’s policy of settlement continues unabated… Merkel has apparently reached the conclusion that there’s no point in saying anything further to Netanyahu, since he’s sure not to listen in any case…”

As mentioned in our previous Update, the relationship between Israel and Germany is a rocky one, and many Germans are not thrilled with the course of their government. How long will Germans tolerate conduct, as described in the article, stemming from their leaders and Israel’s politicians? How long will German politicians “cooperate”? The revelation that Germany is providing Israel with the opportunity to deploy nuclear warheads on German submarines is most certainly not going to be ignored.

Fall of Gaddafi Not Good News for Fight Against Locusts

The Financial Times wrote on June 5:

“The death of Muammar Gaddafi continues to reverberate across Africa – this time in the form of desert locusts. The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations warned on Tuesday that croplands in Niger and Mali were at imminent risk from locust swarms moving south from Libya and Algeria. The revolution in Libya played a major role in allowing the pests to breed, it said.

“‘The fall of Gaddafi was an enormous factor, to be honest,’ said Keith Cressman, FAO senior locust forecasting officer. ‘It depleted the Libyans’ capacity to monitor and respond as they normally would.’ Insecurity along the Libya-Algeria border – a fallout from the uprising – meant that teams are still unable to properly spray the affected areas.

“Desert locusts have the capacity to destroy vast areas of croplands. During a plague, a swarm can stretch for several hundred square kilometres comprising billions of locusts, each capable of eating its own weight in food a day… Desert locust swarms formed in Libya and Algeria in mid-May, after good rains and the resultant growth of vegetation on which they feed. The first swarms have already been sighted in northern Niger, which is currently experiencing a food crisis…”

Highly-praised and politically “correct” revolutions might have negative repercussions which we might not even think of—apart from instability and insecurity, as can be seen presently in Egypt where the Islamist “Muslim Brotherhood” and representatives from the “old Regime” are fighting for political leadership.

Use of Drones All Over America?

WorldNetDaily reported on June 1:

“America is not a battlefield, and its citizens are not ‘insurgents in need of vanquishing,’ argues a civil rights attorney who is urging the governor of Virginia to move forward carefully in the state’s use of the remote-controlled aerial vehicles.

“‘A rapid adoption of drone technology before properly vetting the safety, privacy and civil liberties issues involved would be a disaster,’ said John W. Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, in a letter to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell today. Whitehead was reacting to a radio interview in which McDonnell said that the use of drones in American skies was ‘great’ and ‘the right thing to do.’ The governor said the abilities that made drones effective on a battlefield also would make them effective in America…

“WND recently reported the federal government is moving quickly to open the skies over America to drones for commercial and government purposes. Veteran Washington Post and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer is forecasting ‘rifles aimed at the sky all across America’… the federal government announced it is beginning to allow public safety agencies to fly unmanned aircraft – drones – with fewer and fewer restrictions… Congress has adopted the position of encouraging more drone flights, with the ‘goal of adapting technology used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.’… not only can drones spy on people, many of them now are armed.”

As we reported in our last Update and addressed in our StandingWatch video and radio programs (see the posting of the radio program on, “Does God Approve of US Drone Attacks?”, most Americans are indifferent regarding the use of drones in foreign countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, even though thousands of civilians and children have already been killed in the process, being labeled as casualties of war. But apart from legitimate privacy concerns, what if those drones are being also used soon in our own country to kill innocent Americans? This possibility is not far-fetched, given the preparations of Congress and the Feds. Will American citizens wake up to these real and frightening dangers, before it is too late and before they themselves have become the targets of uncontrolled governmental violence and even death?

What’s Bilderberg Up To?

WorldNetDaily wrote on June 2:

“An intense and amplified police presence outside the Westfields Marriott Convention Center greeted the more than 1,000 protestors of the Bilderberg Conference on Day 3 of the secret conclave that gathers global leaders of finance and government. More than 35 uniformed police officers guarded the primary entrance of the Westfields Marriott, where Bilderberg attendees were quickly shuttled in and out amidst a hail of verbal assaults from protestors, the primary question constantly being asked by those in [the] crowd being why these world leaders were meeting behind closed doors and a wall of armed security.

“‘We know you are in there, the world knows you are in there, and we know what you are up to,’ shouted radio personality Alex Jones… who hosts the radio program ‘The Alex Jones Show’ and runs the popular news site… Comparing the Bilderberg Conference to the shadowy globalist group that controlled S.H.I.E.L.D. in this summer’s mega blockbuster ‘The Avengers,’ Jones said that the United States was losing its sovereignty to a cabal of unelected and unaccountable globalists with the ultimate goal of subjugating the U.S. military to the control of the United Nations and NATO generals… reported that the Pentagon pulled out of working on ‘The Avengers’ film, because they couldn’t ascertain who the fictional, multinational peace-keeping organization answered to… ‘That is the ultimate goal of Bilderberg, the end of American sovereignty and the implementation of a globalist elite that controls every aspect of your life,’ said Jones…

“Daniel Estulin, author of ‘The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,’ contends the idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting ‘is to create what they themselves call the aristocracy of purpose between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet… In other words… the creation of a global network of giant cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity’…

“Four years ago there were rumors that Barack Obama had been picked as the Democratic presidential nominee. Two days after the event, Hillary Clinton bowed out. Observers also point out George H.W. Bush attended in 1985. He became president in 1988. Bill Clinton attended in 1991. He became president a year later. Tony Blair attended in 1993. He became prime minister of England in 1997. Romano Prodi attended in 1999. Later that year he became president of the European Union Commission. In 2004, Sen. John Edwards spoke to the group. He was later anointed the Democratic vice presidential nominee by presidential candidate John Kerry.

“Estulin… described the group as ‘a vehicle through which private financier oligarchical interests were able to impose their policies on what is nominally sovereign governments’… The meetings are private, invitation-only for about 150 individuals from the worlds of politics, business, finance, energy, media and nobility. No resolutions are voted on, no minutes are taken and no statements are issued.

“Estulin has cited David Rockefeller’s own admission. Rockefeller, a Bilderberg member, wrote: ‘Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.’”

“In 2009, Bilderberg Chairman Etienne Davignon boasted that the Euro single currency was a recommendation of the Bilderberg group.”

Especially interesting is the statement that the euro was a recommendation of the Bilderberg group. Since former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was extremely instrumental in creating the euro, being referred to in Germany as the “father of the euro,” it must be asked what direct or indirect relationship, if any, he had with the Bilderberg group. In any event, if all the alleged facts mentioned in the above-quoted article, and in articles quoted in our previous Update, are true, then all of us are in deep trouble. Note the next article as well.

Why Do Greens Attend Bilderberg Conferences?

Der Spiegel Online wrote on June 6:

“Industry leaders from around the globe, heads of government and leaders of organizations such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization gathered over the weekend in Chantilly, Virginia for the 60th edition of the fabled Bilderberg conference on finance and foreign affairs. The list of participants reads like a global who’s who of the rich and powerful. Outgoing Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann was there, as was Shell CEO Peter Voser, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. Jürgen Trittin, co-floor leader of the Green Party in German parliament, was also in attendance.

“Now Trittin has found himself having to defend his participation after many people asked what a Green Party leader — one who represents the left wing of his party, no less — was doing at the secretive annual gathering. The politician… has been the subject of a flood of criticism since his return from the US.

“The German business news magazine Wirtschaftswoche has described the Bilderberg conference, which takes place at a different location each year, as ‘the most admired circle of power.’ Critics of globalization, including many Green Party supporters, would rather describe it as the most dangerous circle of power. For them, the exclusive, invitation-only meetings, named after the Hotel de Bilderberg where the first conference was held in 1954, represent a kind of informal, non-democratic world government.

“According to the Bilderberg website, ‘the meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion.’ But the fact that the media is excluded from the meetings has encouraged the proliferation of conspiracy theories. For many people on both extremes of the political spectrum, Bilderberg represents a kind of secret society which meets to make deals on issues of global importance. Some even see it as an attempt to create a totalitarian world government, dubbed a ‘new world order.’…

“Unfortunately for Green Party politician Trittin, many of his own supporters subscribe to the Bilderberg conspiracy theories… Tritten is not, however, the first Green Party politician to take part in Bilderberg. Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer attended the conference in 2008. That was, however, after Fischer had already retired from active politics.”

Still, Fischer’s attendance at the Bilderberg conference in 2008 is remarkable. One might wonder what, if anything, was discussed in regard to his future political career.

Russia and China Moving Closer Together

On June 5, 2012, AFP wrote the following:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China on Tuesday for a three-day visit aimed at bolstering a crucial alliance that has seen the giant neighbours block further action against Syria. Both energy and foreign policy cooperation are high on the agenda… Putin’s China trip, his first to Asia since starting an historic third term last month, comes after failed attempts by EU leaders to sway him on Syria — a Soviet-era ally Moscow still supplies with arms.

“Beijing and Moscow have walked in lockstep on Syria to growing anger from Arab and Western nations, with EU President Herman Van Rompuy telling Putin in Russia on Monday that world powers needed to ‘find common messages on which we agree’… Putin has been keen to play up the importance of Russia’s at-times uneasy ties with China, which have grown stronger in the past year as both used their veto power on the UN Security Council to block action against Damascus.

“Although the two nations had periodic border conflicts and viewed each other with suspicion in Soviet times, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov declared this weekend that Russia had an exemplary partnership with China on foreign policy. ‘All in all, we consider the cooperation on foreign policy on all levels between Russia and China a successful model of coordination between partners,’ Lavrov said in comments posted on the Russian foreign ministry’s website. Beijing’s state-run China Daily newspaper also played up the relationship between the two countries in an editorial on Tuesday, saying it was in ‘good shape’ and ‘bodes well for the future’…

“Putin is a frequent guest of Chinese leaders, last visiting Beijing in October in his then capacity as prime minister. It was his only foreign trip after he announced in September his plan to run for president. A month after his trip, he was awarded a Chinese version of the Nobel prize for ‘keeping world peace’.”

The cooperation between Russia and China and other Far Eastern countries will continue, ultimately leading to war between them and Europe.

June Declared as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

The Christian Post wrote on June 2:

“President Barack Obama called on Americans to celebrate evolving attitudes toward the homosexual community as he proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

“This June, let’s take some time to celebrate teachers and students who take a stand against bullying openly gay and lesbian service members’… he urged. Obama made the proclamation Friday and expressed again his evolved personal belief in ‘marriage equality for same-sex couples’ ‘because we must treat others the way we want to be treated.’ He cited the Golden Rule when he first revealed on May 9 that he now believes gay and lesbian couples should be able to get married… His proclamation for LGBT Pride Month comes just after a group of African-American pastors requested a meeting with Obama to discuss their concerns over his ‘endorsement of gay marriage as a civil right.’ The Coalition of African American Pastors says they’re disappointed and heart-broken over the president’s new stance.

“Obama has declared June as LGBT Pride Month every year since taking office in 2009. Considered the most pro-gay president in history, Obama has repealed the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy in the military to allow gays to serve openly, stopped defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court, and after many years of ‘evolving’ expressed support for same-sex marriage, among other things… The president vowed to continue to ‘advance the rights of LGBT Americans’ and called on Americans to… ‘celebrate the great diversity of the American people.’”

President Obama is really pushing the envelope. Not that this is so surprising—given his extremely liberal views throughout his political life… and his activities before he entered politics. And so, we are not hearing about an Obama declaration of a specific month to celebrate “True Christian Standards,” nor do we learn about “the Married Couple between a Man and a Woman Pride Month.” Not that it would really matter that much—except, it would make his preference for conduct which the Bible terms to be abominable less obvious, and he would at least apply the Golden Rule correctly, rather than misinterpreting it for behavior for which it was never intended. If anyone thinks that such actions and proclamations by President Obama and his Administration have no serious consequences for the direction of this country, think again and read the next article, as published by WorldNetDaily on June 4:

“A ruling from Judge Tim L. Garcia in the New Mexico Court of Appeals says states can require Christians to violate their faith in order to do business, affirming a penalty of nearly $7,000 for a photographer who refused to take pictures at a lesbian ‘commitment’ ceremony in the state where same-sex ‘marriage’ was illegal. The women complained under the state’s anti-discrimination requirements and a state commission, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, imposed the penalty, which now has been affirmed by the appeals court judges. The judges explained in the 45-page ruling that the photography company is a ‘public accommodation’ and those cannot discriminate under state law based on ‘sexual orientation.’…

“When the district judge’s decision arrived, it seemed to substantiate the concerns of opponents of a federal ‘hate crimes’ bill signed into law by President Obama during his first year in office that gives homosexuals special rights. Attorney General Eric Holder admitted in a congressional hearing that under the measure an attack on a homosexual would be dealt with differently than one on another citizen.”

But America is by no means alone or unique in its “evolution” towards acceptance of same-sex marriages. Please note the next article:

Europe the Most “Gay-Friendly” Continent on the Globe

The EUObserver wrote on June 6, 2012:

“Despite a recent surge in homophobia and differences between countries, Europe on the whole remains the most gay-friendly continent on the globe. Nowhere on the old continent – except in Turkish-controlled north Cyprus – is homosexuality illegal, ‘making Europe a region that stands out,’ according to Ilga, a global umbrella organisation for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi- and transsexual people’s) rights, in a report released last month.

“France was the first to decriminalise same-sex sexual acts between consenting adults shortly after the French Revolution in 1791. Armenia was the latest, in 2003. By contrast, roughly 40 percent of countries – mostly in Africa and the Middle-East – still penalise homosexuality. Some even execute gay people – Mauritania, Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as parts of Nigeria and Somalia.

“There are countries outside Europe which are catching up on toleration, notably in Latin America. Argentina, for example, recently passed a law on gender change that experts say goes well beyond those adopted in Europe… Big differences exist within Europe, with the east being less gay-friendly in general. Sexual minorities in Russia in particular are not as well off as they would be in, say, Germany or the UK.

“Russia’s legal code lacks the most basic protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Recently, St Petersburg adopted laws banning the homosexual ‘propaganda’ – a move widely regarded as contrary to the freedom of expression. The European Parliament last week in a resolution singled out Russia along with Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary, where similar laws have been tabled, condemning homophobia…

“Of the 10 countries in the world that allow same-sex couples to marry, seven are in Europe. EU law prohibits LGBT discrimination in employment situations. Europe is alone in having openly gay heads of government – in Iceland and in Belgium. It is most intolerant of hate crimes and most compliant with allowing adoption for same-sex couples or with recognising gender change…”

The Widening Catholic Scandal

Der Spiegel Online wrote on June 4:

“Though Pope Benedict XVI’s personal butler has been arrested in connection with the ‘Vatileaks’ scandal, new documents released over the weekend indicate he had powerful backers that remain unidentified. The secret documents expose the pontiff’s awkward and helpless leadership in the Church… There’s no doubt that this flood of paper out of the Vatican is a sign of what the Italian weekly magazine Panorama calls one of the ‘worst crises in the history of the Holy See’… Despite the butler’s arrest, the leaks continued over the weekend…

“[Journalist] Nuzzi’s revelations open a unique window onto the inner workings of the Vatican and furnish proof of how the game of politics is played in the domain of the Holy Father. They show that, just like elsewhere, there are lies, intrigues and bitter feuds between rival parties… there is a memo the pope sent to the Vatican’s ambassador in Berlin, in which he gives the ambassador permission to complain to Chancellor Angela Merkel about criticizing Benedict’s behavior in the affair surrounding the controversial Catholic splinter group, the Society of St. Pius X…

“The questions have yet to be answered about who slipped Nuzzi the documents and who was keen for the world to find out about the allegedly deplorable state of affairs within the Vatican. Nevertheless, there is much speculation on St. Peter’s Square… These speculations often have something to do with power struggles between senior Italian Church officials intent on putting their favorite candidates in good positions for the next papal election. Others speculate that it involves a conspiracy against Bertone, the No. 2 official in the Vatican and confidant of the pope, whom many view as excessively high-handed. Supporters of this theory point to the fact that, in the wake of the recent child-abuse scandal, there was already a period in which even people within the Church were calling for Bertone’s dismissal.”

Will these scandals and power plays in the Catholic Church lead to the arrival of an extremely powerful pope? Or will the current pope feel the pressure and react with strength and determination to the butler’s backers of the breach of trust in the Catholic Church?

Gonorrhea Is Spreading

Reuters and The Guardian wrote on June 6 and 7:

“Drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea have spread to countries across the world… Scientists reported last year finding a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea in Japan in 2008 that was resistant to all recommended antibiotics and warned then that it could transform a once easily treatable infection into a global health threat. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said those fears were now reality with many more countries, including Britain, Australia, France, Norway and Sweden reporting cases of the sexually transmitted disease resistant to cephalosporin antibiotics – normally the last option against gonorrhea… more than 106 million people [are] newly infected with the disease every year…

“If left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirths, severe eye infections in babies and infertility in both men and women. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world and is most prevalent in south and south-east Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. In the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of cases is estimated at around 700,000 a year… Gonorrhea can be prevented through safer sexual intercourse…”

The truth is, it can be prevented through no sexual intercourse outside marriage.

Ghosts in the White House

Roll Call reported on June 6:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) celebrated the 25th anniversary of her election to Congress today at an event moderated by television personality Rachel Maddow… Pelosi… recounted an unusual anecdote about how the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker… Maddow [who is openly gay] began the conversation by recounting how in Pelosi’s first remarks after being elected in June 1987, the new Member said she had come to address HIV/AIDS issues. ‘As a gay kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1980s … you became the person who all of us believed that no matter where we lived, anywhere in the country, that you were our Member of Congress,’ Maddow said…

“Finally, the Minority Leader offered a story from her first White House meeting after Democrats won control of the House in 2006, propelling her to Speaker. The meeting, between Bush and the leadership of the House and Senate to discuss the legislative agenda, was the first time a woman represented either the Senate or the House in such a setting. Though she’d been to the White House many times before, Pelosi said she suddenly felt ‘really closed-in in my seat’ on this occasion.

“‘I realized that on that chair with me was Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Hall, Lucretia Mott, you name it, they were all there. Sojourner Truth. They were all there on that chair with me. And I could hear them say “at last we have a seat at the table,”’ Pelosi said.”

Since there are no ghosts of those who have died, IF what Mrs. Pelosi described is accurate and not just based on imagination, these “ghosts” speaking to her would have been demons. (For more information, please read our free booklet, “Angels, Demons and the Spirit World”). It is interesting that according to many reports, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, as well as the ghosts from other Presidents, supposedly reside in or haunt the White House.

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia writes:  “There have been several stories about ghosts of former Presidents revisiting the White House. However, the most common and popular is that of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s Ghost, or to others as The White House Ghost, is said to have haunted the White House since his death.”

The website of states:  “The White House has a reputation for being one of the most haunted homes in America. President Harry Truman said the place was haunted ‘sure as shooting.’ Kennedy’s Press Secretary James Haggerty admitted to sensing the presence of Lincoln’s ghost in the White House, and Clinton’s Press Secretary Mike McCurry admitted he was a believer… Hillary Rodham Clinton said: ‘There is something about the house at night that you just feel like you are summoning up the spirits of all the people who have lived there and worked there and walked through the halls there.’…

“There have been many séances in the White House, but the majority occurred during the administration of Abraham Lincoln. While living in the White House, he and his wife held several séances in the Green Room in an attempt to contact the spirit of their son, Willie, who died there… In his book The Choice, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame describes how in 1995, a séance was held by psychic Jean Houston in the White House solarium, during which Hillary sank into a trance and channeled the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi…

“Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was a guest of the White House when she heard a knock on her bedroom door in the middle of the night. When she answered it, Lincoln stood before her with his famous top hat and all. The Queen fainted, and when she came [to], he was gone. Britain’s Winston Churchill refused to sleep there after sighting President Abraham Lincoln’s ghost lurking about… in the Lincoln Bedroom… He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Abraham Lincoln standing by the fireplace in the room, leaning on the mantle. The two men looked each other in the face… as Lincoln’s apparition slowly faded away.

“Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Margaret Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson [wife of Lyndon Johnson], Susan Ford [Gerald Ford’s daughter], and Maureen Reagan [Ronald Reagan’s daughter] have all admitted sensing the presence of the Civil War president in the White House… Maureen, and her husband, Dennis Revell, both saw Lincoln’s transparent form next to the bedroom’s fireplace.”

On July 9, 2009, Weekly World News reported this:

“Just as Bill Clinton did before him, President Barack Obama is now getting help in the White House – from Abraham Lincoln’s ghost! A government insider has revealed that Honest Abe’s apparition has been seen in the Oval Office on several occasions, quietly conferring with the President on vital world issues!… In a 1993 issue, Weekly World News stunned the world with its exclusive story that the Great Emancipator was helping President Clinton guide America’s ship of state through troubled waters…”

This is eerie and spooky… but it shows where the leaders and influential people of the world—including those from the United States of America—might get their inspiration from.

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