Current Events


Early in the week, U.S. President George Bush addressed the nation concerning what is tantamount to an approaching war in the Middle East. The nation and the world are being prepared for what is sure to follow. Even as the week winds down, both houses of Congress are falling into line with Presidential policy.

In addition, an internet posting from the “Guardian Unlimited” reported on October 10, 2002:
“British Prime Minister Tony Blair carried a potentially strong hand into talks on Iraq with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday evening amid signs that the Kremlin may be softening its opposition as the United States and Britain push for tough action.”

Grave concerns are being voiced in Japan about the possibility of war against Iraq. Japan is dependant on Middle East oil, and any major conflict will threaten an already weakened Japanese economy.

In the Middle East and amidst reluctant acceptance, various countries are positioning themselves in a kind of fence-straddling position in order to play both sides. The wild card is Israel. If Saddam Hussein unleashes an attack on Israel in the event of a U.S. led assault, there is a growing fear that this targeted objective may spill over into a broader conflict. Much more is at stake in this coming war than that of the war with Afghanistan. Like Japan, Europe is heavily dependant on the free flow of oil from the Middle East. The world economy has been suffering a downturn already, and the potential for catastrophic damage hangs on these future events as America implements its new security strategy of the pre-emptive use of force.


This week has seen a re-emergence of terror in America. This time, however, it appears that one or two individuals have communities in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. unnerved by wanton acts of indiscriminate murder.

To date, nine shootings with seven resulting in death have occurred. One piece of possible evidence involves a tarot card with a scribbled message to the police with the claim “…I am God.” Tarot cards are used by various psychics and others who try to foretell the future. Some place the origin of their use in Egyptian worship–worship that involved the worship of demonic forces.

The inevitable worry on the part of authorities is that “copy-cat” actions will arise fueling even more terror as schools, businesses and families put their lives on hold. In the prophetic “song of Moses” recorded in Deuteronomy 32, God pleads with His people to consider their “latter end”–verse 29. In verse 30, these timely words appear: “How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And the Lord had surrendered them?” This nation will continue to face outbreaks of terror until we turn to God–Who alone is able to bring true and lasting peace and safety!

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