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“To the relief of Europe’s leaders, Irish voters dropped their objection to European Union expansion and gave a resounding ‘yes’ to a plan for NEARLY DOUBLING EU MEMBERSHIP and extending the Union to the borders of Russia, official results showed Sunday.” (As reported by the “The Associated Press” in the “Online Edition of the Post” of Ohio University for October 21, 2002).

This expansion is scheduled to take place in 2004 if all negotiations are wrapped up. The ten states who will join are supposed to be Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

“Reuters” reported that the Dutch parliament has backed government plans to support this enlargement just hours before the European Union was to meet in Brussels to pave the way for the 10 countries to join.

The Bible clearly states in Revelation 17:12-13 that in the very last days, “10 kings” will give their power to the “beast.” This term (“the beast”) is a reference to the final political and military leader of the “Holy Roman Empire,” and to the entire end-time European system. We have always understood that the “10 kings” can refer to the leaders of 10 nations or groups of nations, and they can also refer to the nations or kingdoms themselves (In the Bible, the terms “kings” and “kingdoms” are used interchangeably). These 10 kingdoms or nations do not have to be identical with the humanly-devised states which we are familiar with today. For example, the “states” of Germany and Austria might very well be just “one” nation or kingdom in Biblical terminology.

We have also recently heard that, in order to facilitate the political and military unification of Europe, nations like Germany and France have proposed a “core” of several European nations to lead the rest of Europe (It is possible that this “core” of nations will become a reality, and that some of the ten Eastern European nations, such as Poland or Hungary, that are supposed to join, might end up comprising part of those “core” nations). It would be very likely, then, that it is these leading “core” nations that are referred to as the “10 kings,” giving their power to the end-time “beast.”


Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan have visited Germany this week with a view to rescheduling their debt–which Germany accepted. In further commentary from the Internet version of “The Jordan Times” for Wednesday of this week, emphasis was made about Jordan’s opposition to a US military strike against Iraq.

Quoting: “Meanwhile, Germany has become the most outspoken European OPPONENT of strikes against Iraq, with Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder taking a stridently anti-war line in his successful campaign for reelection last month.”

The deep mutual respect and common world view between Germany and Jordan was highlighted in the following comment from King Abdullah: Germany is ” ‘a symbol of hope to people working for freedom and development around the world.’ ” Continuing, ” ‘We have watched with admiration your active and constructive role in supporting your neighbors as they gain their places within the European Union.’ “

Der Spiegel reported on October 21 and October 23, that Queen Rania warned the West, not to engage in a war with Iraq. She stated that such a war would only lead to more terrorism, as it would ignite the furor of the Arab world. In addition, King Abdullah surmised that it is a 90% certainty that the United States will attack Iraq. He asked Chancellor Schroeder to continue the German peace policy, in order to prevent a war with Iraq that is looming on the horizon.

Both leaders agreed that the war against terrorism must continue, and that ways must be found to bring peace to Palestine.

What is significant is the emerging status of the EU and Germany in particular in terms of Middle East influence. Slowly, the U.S. is effectively being finessed out of its economic pinnacle of dominance in these areas as NEW ALLIANCES are established and strengthened. All of this is part of the on-going preparations as individuals and nations enter the fulfillment of the great prophetic events of the end of this age! Our new booklet on “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord” explains in more detail that those new alliances will involve Germany and Jordan.

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