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In a speech in Denver, Colorado, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel commented on the present threat of world terrorism: ” ‘[This] war must be won or we will be lost,’ he said. ‘With suicide killers in Israel, Jordan, Bali, the threat of unimaginable biological terrorism–it means a danger to the whole world’.” (As reported in the Rocky Mountain News,October 29, 2002.)

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, U. S. president George Bush described the events as “war”. Some, at the time, thought his statements to be a bit extreme. However, what has emerged in the intervening months is a shocked acceptance that religion is behind the attacks on the United States and the many horrific murders in other nations. Many writers have identified the attackers and their accomplices as Islamic fundamentalists, waging their peculiar war against the “infidel” secularism of the West.

As the world once more dips deeply into implacable violence, it is chilling to note that 22% of the world’s population is Muslim (about 1.2 billion), and it is growing progressively larger.

With war against Iraq now an almost certain conclusion, ever-increasing numbers of Islamic extremists are sure to seek revenge on a frightening scale. These kinds of events are on the near horizon for people all around this world. Germany has just issued a warning that terrorist attacks can be expected there, and that they would be a certainty, if Germany were to support a war against Iraq in any way. We will also see soon the arrival of a powerful Islamic leader, referred to in Scripture as the “king of the South.” He is commonly known in the Islamic world as the “Mahdi,” the expected Muslim messiah. The Bible predicts that this Islamic leader will engage in a confrontation with the West, and especially with the future leader of a United Europe, referred to in Scripture as the “beast” or the “king of the North.” This confrontation will lead to outright war in the Middle East (Daniel 11:40-43). Understand, only God’s direct intervention through the return of Jesus Christ will now stop what will eventually threaten the existence of all life in every nation. And if we do understand, then let each of us follow the admonition to be among those who “sigh and cry over all the abominations…” (Compare Ezekiel 9:4).

Online Europeans

In an Associated Press article appearing this past week, an interesting projection about buying on line shows the subtle if not unstoppable advance of a Unified Europe: “Europeans will spend more money online this holiday season than consumers in other regions, including North America, according to projections released Monday by a research firm.”

In spite of necessary pecuniary adjustments that the European citizens had to make, since the Euro was introduced, it is still interesting to see the economic wealth available to the Europeans, in addition to the technical sophistication and familiarity that the average citizen enjoys in an ever modernizing Europe. In addition, millions of Euro dollars are currently being wasted by certain fractions within the European powers-to-be on ill-conceived and poorly administered programs. It is easy to visualize the potential of a centralized European government, which would be run by a more money-conscious — and more powerful — central administration. These trends, along with many other incremental advances, forecast an ever more dominant European Union–one that will soon overshadow even the might of the United States and the United Kingdom.

United States of Europe?

On Tuesday evening, October 29, the British news announced a move, as discussed in Brussels, to rename the European Union (EU) as the United States of Europe. A few people were interviewed and the general consensus was that which has been consistently reflected in the opinion polls– that the British and the EU do not make good bedfellows.

The next day, tucked away in the Times of London, a very small article was published, entitled “The game kicks off to name bigger EU.” The article stated:

“The future name of the enlarged European Union became a political football between Britain and France yesterday. Peter Hain, the Secretary of State for Wales and former Europe Minister, opened the scoring when he flatly rejected the names, United States of Europe and United Europe. Mr. Hain went on to say that ‘the first implies a superstate and the second looks to me like a football team,’ he told amused members of the Brussels convention that is developing a blueprint for Europe’s future. He added: ‘The European is a successful brand name, a name we are all proud of. Let’s not open an unnecessary debate.’ Pierre Moscovici, the French Government representative on the convention, quickly equalized. ‘Lots of British football clubs used the name United,’ he said. ‘The British might come to like it. People feel very affectionate towards their own football team.'”

For decades, the Church of God has been talking about a United States of Europe when others just scoffed. But, at last it seems, that scoffing has ceased. German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer just used the words “United States of Europe” in an interview shown on American television on Thursday night. Maybe such events may trigger thought, if not action, in those who have read our writings over the years. Interesting times lie ahead.

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