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We have taught it for so long, that some in the church of God have apparently grown too familiar with it — and they have looked for alternatives. Thinking that they might perhaps have received some kind of special insight, they rejected the prophetic truth, as it had been “delivered to the saints.”
What are we talking about?
We are discussing here the well-established Biblical teaching that the last resurrection of the Roman Empire — the United States of Europe — will end up on a collision course with the United States! They won’t be friends — and they won’t be part of a big happy family, either. We have known and proclaimed this for decades — but, sadly, some choose to forget.
It is remarkable that very recently, historical and political voices have been heard in the United States and elsewhere, pointing out this inevitable outcome. We would like to bring this astonishing development to the attention of our readers.
We start with a surprising article in “The Times Digest,” dated November 3, 2002, publishing excerpts from the “New York Times.” On page 8, Thomas L. Friedman writes in “Come to Berlin”:
“Where’s the [Berlin] wall? My German friend explained that the only trace left is a cobblestone path that snakes across Berlin, drawing a line in the pavement where the wall once ran. It’s easy to cross that line without even knowing it. And therein lies the core of the crisis between America and Germany today — triggered by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s use of anti-Bush and anti-Iraq-war rhetoric to win re-election, then fueled by a German minister comparing President Bush to Hitler… Would somebody please bring back the Berlin Wall? Since World War II, America and Germany have had many disputes, but always within limits, because both sides saw a dangerous foe on the other side of that wall… But without the wall clearly defining our side and the enemy’s, all sorts of lines are being crossed.”
We might note here that the relationship between the United States and Germany, in particular, has not improved. According to Der Spiegel Online, dated November 27, 2002, Donald Rumsfeld still considers the relationship as critical, and even a German participation in a war against Iraq would not eradicate the damage. It seems, however, that Chancellor Schroeder will not change his position in that regard, anyway. Spiegel Online reported on November 27, 2002, that Germany will not permit the United States to use German offensive tanks, presently stationed in Kuwait, in a war against Iraq. Although Germany did grant the U.S. military forces overflight and transit rights, Germany’s refusal regarding its tanks, according to the magazine, “could bring about a new fight between the United States and Germany.”
We continue with a thought-provoking article by Charles A. Kupchan, titled, “The End of the West.” This article was published in the November 2002 edition of “The Atlantic.” Mr. Kupchan is Professor at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. This is what he has to say:
“The next clash of civilizations will not be between the West and the rest [of the world] but between the United States and Europe — and Americans [and we might add, far too many in the church of God] remain largely oblivious.”
A little later in the article, he writes, “The EU’s annual economic output has reached about $8 trillion, compared with America’s $10 trillion, and the euro will soon threaten the dollar’s global dominance. Europe is strengthening its collective consciousness and character and forging a clearer sense of interests and values that are quite distinct from those of the United States. The EU’s member states are debating the adoption of a Europe-wide constitution…, building armed forces capable of operating independently of the U.S. military, and striving to project a single voice in the diplomatic arena. As the EU fortifies its governmental institutions and takes in new members…, it will become a formidable counterweight to the United States on the world stage. The transatlantic rivalry that has already begun will inevitably intensify… The coming clash between the United States and the European Union will doubtless bear little resemblance to the all-consuming standoff of the Cold War. Although military confrontation remains a remote prospect, however [we might note here that there will be, at the very end, a military confrontation between the United States of Europe and the United States of America], U.S.-E.U. competition will extend far beyond the realm of trade… Washington and Brussels will just as likely lock horns over the Middle East. Europe will resist… U.S. leadership…”
Near the end of the 8-page-article, Prof. Kupchan writes, “The consequences of the growing rift between the United States and Europe are only just becoming apparent. The two sharply disagree on the Middle East… History is coming full circle. After breaking away from the British Empire, the United States came together as a unitary federation, emerged as a leading nation, and eventually eclipsed Europe’s Great Powers [Note that this reference to America’s greatness is absolutely prophetic. In Genesis 48:19, we read that Jacob blessed Manasseh, stating that the nation descending from him — the United States of America — would be “great.”]. It is now Europe’s turn to ascend and break away from an America that refuses to surrender its privileges of primacy.”
This last statement is prophetic as well. Indeed, Europe will “ascend” one more time. The Bible describes this last resurrection of the ancient Roman Empire this way, “The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit [a metaphor for the fact that it had been forgotten in the pages of history] and go to perdition.” (Revelation 17:8). Compare, too, Revelation 11:7 and Revelation 9:1-11. Especially the passage in Revelation 9 shows that the forming United States of Europe will at the very end engage in war with other nations.
Prof. Kupchan concludes his article with this dire warning, “Europe will inevitably rise up as America’s principal competitor. Should Washington and Brussels begin to recognize the dangers of the growing gulf between them, they may be able to contain their budding rivalry. Should they fail, however [and the Bible predicts that they will fail, and it also prophecies that Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations will not be a part of the United States of Europe in its final configuration], to prepare for life after Pax Americana, they will ensure that the coming clash of civilizations will not be between the West and the rest [of the world] but within a West divided against itself.”
We have also repeatedly pointed out the influential role that the Roman Catholic Church will be playing in regard to the last revival of the ancient Roman Empire — later to be named “Holy Roman Empire,” to designate the Catholic influence and involvement. In a recent article published by “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc.,” Breffni O’Rourke writes, “With the Convention on the Future of Europe now drawing up a constitution for an expended European Union of 25 members, the question arises: how can the Christian heritage of Europe be reflected in this document?… It is in this context that the pope is pressing for the world of the spirit to be recognized in the new constitution… [T]he pontiff said that building a united Europe needs leaders with ‘will and determination, with a desire to build the union on common values, aware of the Christian roots of different peoples which are an inescapable part of European history.'”
The article continued that some, such as Professor Hans Kung, a “German-based theologian” and “dissident who has previously clashed with the pope,” disagreed, feeling that the pope “is sending the wrong message. ‘A lot of people have the impression that this pope is precisely promoting a mo
del of Europe which is basically Roman Catholic, which tolerates other [religions], but does not really have a common understanding [with them] and which has not acknowledged the other religions as also true religions.'”
Of course, it has not. The official teaching of the Catholic Church, as has been recently reiterated by German Cardinal Ratzinger, is that it is the only true “mother” church, willing to embrace its dissident “daughters” upon repentance and return to the Catholic fold.
We pray that those who could know, and who once knew the truth, will embrace the Biblical teaching, as it is so clearly revealed in Scripture. For more information, please read our free booklet, “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord,” as well as “Europe in Prophecy: The Unfolding of End-Time Events.”

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