Current Events


On August 15, the German magazine, “Der Spiegel,” published an interesting article on its Webpage, titled, “Hit the Dollar.” In it, it reported about the sudden climb of the Euro, and the steady downfall of the U.S. Dollar. “The pages have changed. The Euro climbs, while the once seemingly untouchable Dollar falls… At the beginning of July, the Dollar had reached its lowest point so far, while the Euro had climbed by about 10 percent…. What happened? In the U.S., Dollar bashing has begun… The Dollar is too high, [industrialists] say…. It got really bad when the President began to participate in the discussion. The strong Dollar does not only bring advantages, he said several weeks ago, but also problems… The damage was done… ‘The U.S. administration wants to gradually devaluate the Dollar, but does not know how without creating a crisis,’ according to a report by Dow Jones. ‘The danger is that in a situation like this, the currency might devaluate too much.’
The latest report of Merrill Lynch states that “in the last month, the Euro has clearly become the strongest currency.”  Prophecy IS marching on…

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