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We have all read or at least heard the story of how David killed Goliath with a well placed stone flung from a sling. He turned the mighty Philistine army into a quivering, fleeing and defeated mass who were then plundered by the victorious Israelites.

In a not dissimilar fashion, a small determined group of Spanish invaders overthrew and murdered the indigenous populations of Mexico and Central and South America in centuries gone by.

Now it seems that the multifaceted repercussions of the cowardly attack on September 11, 2001, by an ill-determined group of nineteen terrorists, have turned all of the United States on its head–at least financially. Nowhere is that more obvious than in America’s struggling airline industry.

The web page of MSNBC News for March 12, 2003, pointed out that U.S. airlines have cut some 100,000 jobs since Sept. 11 and they lost nearly $10 billion last year. They attribute over $4 billion of that loss to security and fees mandated by the government. Nor have the effects been limited to these shores. British airways announced last month it was trimming back its service to the Persian Gulf region and requiring its crews to stop overnight in Cyprus rather than Saudi Arabia and other destinations. It already warned that a war with Iraq might rub out its profits and it has cut 13,000 jobs since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Now the U.S. is precipitously close to unleashing a war–all in the name of security for America and the world against further terrorist attacks. This action has the potential of realigning the world into a U.S.–British and Israeli camp with the rest of the world at serious odds with all three. This new international structure will dramatically change the economic fortunes of entire nations as trade wars and reprisals on a global scale begin to take effect.

Tourism, exports and imports, control of oil resources and, most importantly, world opinion, all now hang on a precarious balance. The news for now and for the immediate future is not optimistic. The Bible speaks of these days as “…the time of Jacob’s (modern America’s and Britain’s) trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7). For more detailed information about this world’s imminent future, write for our free booklets, “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord,” and “Europe in Prophecy”. These are also available on our web site.


How fragile and temporary man’s attempts are to create permanent peace could be seen this week by the tragic assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic. USA TODAY stated that this brutal murder will “make it more difficult for one of Europe’s most restless regions to enjoy peace and stability.” Mr. Djindjic had brought democracy to former Yugoslavia. This assassination, which took place in Belgrade, was the first of a sitting European head of government since Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme was killed in Stockholm in 1986, according to the article.

The region of the Balkans is certainly worth watching. We all may recall that World War I was triggered when Archduke Francis Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was gunned down by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo, which is now the Bosnian capital, on June 28, 1914.


“Moab” — a Biblical name — was tested this week by the U.S. in Florida — in the form of the biggest existing non-nuclear bomb of 21,000 pounds. Newscasters analyzed the explosion as an attempt to intimidate Iraq and other potential enemies. MSNBC News wrote on its Webpage that the “Air Force expected to have the bomb available for use in an Iraq war.” CNN, when broadcasting about the blast, compared the bomb with Biblical prophecies about the destruction of “Moab,” as can be found, for instance, in Isaiah 16 and 25:10-12. God is indeed angry with Moab because of Moab’s pride. Tragically, the Bible also foretells the destruction of the modern nations of Israel and Judah for the very same reason — pride against God and His will. Is it mere coincidence that the biggest non-nuclear bomb available today is called “Moab” — perhaps indicating the coming downfall of the very nation which developed it?


In response to the U.S. Air Force’s announcement on Wednesday that stealth warplanes will arrive in South Korea this week for annual military drills, North Korea has accused the United States of “sinister” plans for nuclear war, according to MSNBC News, adding that “nuclear war may break out any moment” on the Korean peninsula. Earlier this week, North Korea had launched a second surface-to-ship missile toward the Sea of Japan (A first missile had been fired to the same area on February 25).

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