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In our two last Updates, we brought you special reports from Europe and the United States, pertaining to Iraq. Those reports showed the different view points as to the war with Iraq, but they also demonstrated the accuracy of Biblical prophecy as to these last days.

One key prophecy for the end time has to do with the formation of an Arabic power bloc, under the leadership of a “Savior” or “Mahdi,” calling for a “Jihad” or “holy war.” This Muslim Savior is referred to in Scripture as the “king of the south.”

This current report contains direct quotes from Arabic newspapers, quotes that were summarized and published by “Der Spiegel Online,” as well as interviews with Arab politicians. This report will show the desire of many Arab countries to rule themselves, without interference from other powers. We will also learn that the war with Iraq has increased anti-American feelings, and that this trend will continue, the longer the United States stays in the region. There are already mass demonstrations and mass religious pilgrimages in Iraq, demanding the formation of a Muslim state in Iraq, and the withdrawal of the United States.

The press and politicians in the U.S. describe these demonstrations as the “ability to freely express” one’s opinion and religion, which freedom had long been suppressed under Saddam. It is also alleged that these mass demonstrations are only staged and of a temporary nature. However, these religious and political mass demonstrations and expressions show, in reality, that the war with Iraq has opened a Pandora’s Box that will not be easily closed.

We would also like to clarify that we, of course, do not necessarily agree with the opinions and “facts” presented in the quotes contained in this report.


-Azzam Tawfiq Abu al-Saud, Al-Quds (Palestinian), March 25, 2003:

Jerusalem. Who Will Lose This War?

The first loser in this war is the rule of international law. The United States and Britain have introduced a war into the world with no justification… In the absence of logic, a dangerous precedent has been set. The precedent is ludicrous to the point of allowing any nation to make war on another merely because the leader of one country does not like the eye color of the leader of the other.

The second loser in this war is democracy, which is premised on respect for the people’s opinion. Everywhere the people have said no to war. And yet the U.S. leadership hasn’t acknowledged the opinion of even its own people. And so we have lost democracy as a political principle. In democracy, elected representatives are supposed to manifest the will of the people-not vice versa, as we are currently seeing.

The third loser is the collective group of mothers, wives, and children who are losing their sons, husbands, and fathers in this war. This war will bring about the ruin of beloved souls, whose destruction is without recompense…

The fourth loser is the earth and those who live on it, be they humans or animals. War spreads pollutants, corrupting the air with sand and dangerous fumes that spew forth from war machines. Add to this the smoke of fires resulting from the exploding targets of the guns of war. Lastly, the air is clouded with the putrid odor emitted from the corpses of killed soldiers and innocent civilians.

The fifth losers are the warmongers themselves, who are destroying civilization and wasting money and resources… These are the greatest losers.


-Faleh al-Tawil, Al-Ra’i (pro-Jordanian-government), March 22, 2003:

History Is Repeating Itself

Hulegu and his Mongol hordes attacked this land before in order to destroy Baghdad. Hulegu accomplished its destruction and in the process created an empire that ruled over a great portion of the world. The empire he built stretched from China as far west as the eastern reaches of Europe, including Moscow.

Hulegu approached Baghdad after his complete victories over armies to the north and south. In March 1258, he sent an announcement to the Caliph al-Mustasim saying: “We exhort you to throw down your swords and surrender Baghdad. Tear down your forts and fill in your trenches. We will send to you someone who will verify your dominion and certify your acknowledgment of our command. If not, we will teach you a lesson and bring war upon you and kill you in our manner.”

And today, we have heard the same request and in perhaps the same exact words used by Bush to the Iraqi leadership. This all occurred in the same month of March, precisely 775 years after the Mongols’ history-changing and devastating massacre of Baghdad.


-Batir Muhammad Ali Wardam, Al-Dustour (pro-Jordanian government), March 23, 2003.

This War Isn’t the Crusades
It could be said that the war on Iraq is a war of imperialism, oil, or even right-wing Zionist interests, but it is absolutely not a crusaders’ war. The evidence for this is that all the major figures of the Christian faith in the world, especially in light of the leadership of the Pope and Vatican, have vigorously stood against the war. Furthermore, the great majority of the leaders of Christian nations, especially Russia, France, and Germany, have taken strong positions against the war in a manner much more effective than the actions of Islamic nations. And let us not forget that millions of Christian demonstrators have flooded the streets of the cities of the world rejecting war-and their numbers have been greater than the amount of Muslims who have demonstrated. Even in the United States, all of the churches and different denominations that are not in coalition with the evangelical-Zionist lobby have united in opposition to the war. And in addition to that, a large number of moderate Jews have been active against the war.

The announcements issued by many Islamic organizations and fronts that describe the war on Iraq as an American-Zionist “Crusade” threaten to transform many friends to enemies and puts all of us exactly in the clutches of those Americans and Israelis who aim to create a war of civilizations between Islam and Christianity to serve the interests of Israel.

This war on Iraq isn’t the last, rather it is possible that we may call it the “War of Iraq First,” which will be followed by other wars against other nations of the region and organizations that have not climbed into bed with American policies.


“Okaz,” a Saudi-Arabian paper, states in its editorial that “it is our duty to call on all countries to guarantee the Iraqi people their right of self determination without Western guardianship or pseudo-protection.” … The Egyptian paper, “al-Ahram,” states, “All Arab countries have to involve themselves internationally to prevent more bloodshed for our Iraqi brothers. We must strengthen the worldwide opposition against American politics… To be or not to be – that is the question for the Arabs in these fateful times.” … The English-speaking “Jordan Times” addresses a different topic: “Many articles have discussed the American interests in Iraq, but only few have noted the Israeli dimensions in this war.” (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 8, 2003).


“Riyadh,” a Saudi-Arabian paper, does not expect a peaceful future, but talks about “the wars after Saddam. After a short interruption, the real battle will begin between America and the Iraqis, who are all alone. America is now trying to get what it always wanted – and that is mainly to secure the oil.” (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 9, 2003)

The English-speaking “Jordan Times” pronounces, “To stabilize and secure the region, Iraq has to be ruled by Iraqis. The United States have not won peace, and they will never win peace. They need to withdraw, the earlier the better… The Jordanian paper “al-Dustour” asks its readers whether they believe that other nations will be attacked as well. In excess of 81% believe this.” (D
er Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 10, 2003)


The Lybian paper, “al-Jamahiriya,” states, “Whether he [Saddam] is dead or not – an Arabic regime that was founded on hypocrisy and aggression… had to disappear.”… The Egyptian paper, “al-Ahram,” cites President Mubarek, demanding of America and Great Britain “‘to stabilize the situation in Iraq as soon as possible… What has happened has taught us many lessons. The Arab world has to develop itself.'” (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 11, 2003)

“Al-Hayat,” which appears in London, states, “Washington’s allegation to free Iraq has quickly changed to occupation. Occupation always comes from the outside, while liberation always comes from the inside.”… The Syrian daily, “Teshreen,” reports that Jack Straw, British foreign minister, had called his Syrian colleague, Faruq Shara. The paper continues that “the British government rejects the American accusations and will continue a dialogue with Syria.” (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 12, 2003)


“Okaz,” a Saudi-Arabian paper, states that “there are at least ten reasons why the Americans want to attack Syria, and the most important reasons are those related to Israel.” “Riyadh,” a Saudi-Arabian paper, reports that “Saudi Arabia supports its Syrian brother against the threats obviously originating from Israel.” Even Kuwait is supporting Syria… The English speaking “Jordan Times” sets forth several reasons why an attack on Syria would be illegal (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 15, 2003)


“al-Rai-al-Aam,” a daily from Kuwait, publishes the following statement from the foreign minister of Qatar: “‘These threats [against Syria] must cease. We hope that the Americans and British will have direct talks with Syria in order to remove any differences. We distinctively condemn any attack on the security of Syria.” (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 16, 2003)


“al-Dustour,” a paper from Jordan, states, “The real fight of the Iraqis against the occupants begins now. That is why the Arab peoples must support the Iraqis.”…”Ash-Shaab,” a paper from Egypt, proclaims, “Now is not the time for tears, but for Jihad, Jihad, Jihad, following the way of God. We assure you that we will beat the attackers on Abraham’s soil, under the condition that we all rise and fight them.” The Libyan papers “an-Nahar” and “as-Safir” report about pamphlets that have appeared in Afghan refugee camps in North Pakistan, calling for Jihad against American troops and the Afghan government. (Der Spiegel Online, Arabische Presseschau, April 17, 2003).


Interview with Amr Moussa, General Secretary of the Arab League:

“Foreign armies are in Iraq – there is only one expression to describe this: Occupation… The Americans are strangers in Iraq. The Iraqis do not tolerate a foreign occupation…Europe is friendly toward the Arab world. It needs to participate in the restoration of Iraq. The United Nations should carry out the main task… The war against Iraq does not serve as an example as to how to achieve democracy. The threats against Syria do not help either. One cannot order democracy. Democracy has to develop within the population… If Syria is attacked, other countries will follow. That will bring about a disastrous chain reaction: Violence, military action, aggression. This would be very dangerous – not only for the Middle East, but also for the Mediterranean region.”

(Bild Online, April 19, 2003)


In 1918 it is estimated that over 20 million people died from a worldwide influenza epidemic. Now world health officials shudder with the bleak potential of a devastating pandemic known as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

At this point there is no specific cure for SARS which is transmitted by the Corona virus. “In Toronto, Canada, where 15 people have died, hospital staff in SARS wards are now wearing double gloves and full face shields as concerns grow that the protective gear used previously did not guard them sufficiently ( – 4/23/2003). This same article states: “…studies by Hong Kong researchers showed the SARS virus can survive for at least 24 hours on a surface coughed on or touched by a victim, longer than the three hours some had previously thought.”

Newscasts are now warning of severe economic consequences as multiple cases of SARS have caused the World Health Organization to announce that travelers should avoid Beijing and Toronto. Scientists are also now noting that SARS is mutating. Possible vaccines may not be able to keep up with this deadly infection.

On April 24, 2003, Bild Online quoted Dr. Patrick Dickson, one of the leading medical experts in Europe, saying that SARS could become more dangerous than AIDS, since the virus is transmitted so rapidly. He stated that within the last 15 to 20 years, 80 million people died of AIDS. Bild Online also published this frightening statistic: In China, the Corona virus has infected 2,300 people. In Canada, 7000 people are under quarantine. Worldwide, the virus infected 4000 people, and so far, at least 251 have died.

As we watch yet another possible worldwide disaster in the making, remember that Jesus warned of these times. Luke 21, verse 11: ” ‘And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.’ ” We find ourselves in the early stages of the fulfillment of the many prophecies encompassing the end of this age; however, this is just the beginning.

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