“Sorry! I Forgot!”

by Norbert Link

It is so easy to forget. Especially when one gets older. I may phone someone with a particular purpose in mind, but after being side-tracked during the conversation, I can forget  what I had called about.  It can just “slip” my mind. I try to write down the previous night, or at the beginning of a new working day, what important issues have to be dealt with… lest I forget. But sometimes I forget to prepare or to look at my notes which would have helped me not to forget…

Apart from physical shortcomings like these, we are very clearly told not to be forgetful in spiritual matters....

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Will a newly-baptized person be in God’s Kingdom if he dies shortly after baptism?

This question addresses some important issues about the Christian Way of Life.

As we pointed out in our previous Q&A, “Does God Give His Holy Spirit to People Who Have Not Been Baptized?”, since the establishment of the New Testament Church, a person needs to be properly baptized to receive the Holy Spirit, and he will not enter the Kingdom of God at the time of his resurrection if he did not have God’s Holy Spirit within him at the time of his death. Normally, he must spiritually grow after the receipt of the Holy Spirit, until he has qualified for the entrance of the Kingdom of God. (To clarify, when the Bible or we speak of a Christian in the masculine gender, the feminine gender is ALWAYS included, unless the context demands a different understanding in a given case.)...

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This Week in the News

We are reporting on the terrible atrocities being committed by ISIS and other radical Islamists; the worldwide anger and some despicable accusations against Israel, while the real culprit, Hamas, is largely ignored; and the dubious and repulsive role Russia has been playing in eastern Ukraine and its culpability for the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane.

We are continuing with the acquittal of Silvio Berlusconi; tackle the question as to what it means to be a German—especially after Germany’s victory in the Soccer [Football] World Cup; and review the 70th anniversary of the unsuccessful attempt of German resistant fighters to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

We conclude with reports on the word’s rejection of American conduct and activities; and warn that a huge earthquake, hitting Los Angeles, is inevitable.    

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