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by Brian Gale (United Kingdom)

In John 6 verses 1-13 we read about the feeding of 5,000 men (verse 10) plus all the women and children. Quite a crowd! We can marvel at such a miracle and the fact that everyone ate their fill and there were twelve baskets that were filled with fragments after the meal, and all from five loaves and two fish.

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Does God give His Holy Spirit to people who have not been baptized?

In the writings of the Bible there are a small number of examples of individuals who received the Holy Spirit without a Christian baptism. Prior to the time of the establishment of the New Testament Church, some received the Holy Spirit without first being baptized. They were used by God at that time for a specific and special purpose. They had a job to do, which involved establishing the truth of God among people on the earth and executing the plan of God.

Following the establishment of the New Testament Church, the standard process for receiving the Holy Spirit involves a Christian baptism followed by the laying on of hands by a minister of God.

We write in our free booklet, Baptism – A Requirement for Salvation?: ...

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This Week in the News

We begin with real threats from Islamist terrorists for the USA and other Western nations; focus on the sickening Middle Eastern situation; show growing anti-Semitism around the globe; report on the crash of a Malaysian airplane as well as the shattered relationship between the USA and Germany; point out the lack of American leadership and America’s inability to fulfill its role as the world’s superpower; and address the crumbling relationship between the USA, the UK, Canada and Israel.

In other news, we speak about the Church of England’s unbiblical decision to appoint women bishops and the pope’s problems with pedophiles in his church; as well as the exploding number of HIV cases involving practicing homosexuals and transgender women.

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-Matthew 5:14
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