by Kalon Mitchell

It is hard to believe that in a few short months from now, we will be leaving for the Feast of Tabernacles. As usual, the Feast fever is starting to grow. And it should be this way. We should be genuinely excited about God’s commanded Holy Days.

The effort and zeal that we put into getting ready for the Feast is present every day. Whether it be preparing for special music or messages for those who speak, as well as other tasks to be carried out.  It always seems that the last two months before the Feast are the busiest. Proper preparations take forethought and time to come into place.

Each year we somehow manage to have “the BEST Feast ever!” This is truly a side effect for people of like mind and unity, enjoying what God has foreordained. And how quickly these days go by!

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Does the Bible allow for the existence of dinosaurs prior to the creation of man?

As we will see in this new series, the answer to the question in this Q&A is clearly yes. We will explain that the dinosaurs were created and existed PRIOR TO modern MAN, and that they became extinct BEFORE the creation of man (Adam and Eve), due to a universal catastrophe which engulfed the entire earth. 

We will explain the cause for this catastrophe, and that God subsequently restored the surface of the earth and that He brought into existence modern man at that time, as well as the kinds of animals and plants which are basically still known today. (However, God re-created some dinosaur-type animals, when He created man, as will be discussed). A subsequent worldwide catastrophe at the time of Noah wiped out all land animals and birds and insects (but not necessarily sea animals), except for those which were preserved in the Ark.

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This Week in the News

We are focusing on Iraq, the murderous and blood-thirsty IS terrorists; their abominable murder of an American journalist; and the shifting position of Europe and the Vatican in this regard; the situation in Gaza and Europe’s willingness to get involved; and the volatile powder keg in Ukraine.

We are addressing the quite hypocritical German stance on spying activities, with emphasis on their alleged “accidental” spying on Clinton and Kerry; and their not-so-accidental spying on NATO partner Turkey.

In other news, focusing on the US, we report on the shameful events in Ferguson, Missouri; the “poor” “rich” America; appalling decisions in Oregon pertaining to Medicaid payments for transgender surgeries; and the “outrageous,” “malicious” and politically motivated indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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